Toss the Possum

Gypsy Meltdown 2015 “Rocky Road to Dublin”

We had such a blast at Gypsy Meltdown this past weekend.
We played through this tune, Rocky Road to Dublin, one time in the living room before this performance but Rob’s tearin’ it up! Loved playing with our friend from L.A., Bonnie Insull.

“In a Hurry”

Toss the Possum plays “The Dancer”

Playing Larry Unger’s ‘The Dancer’. Wonderful Waltz, Larry!

A Jiggy Soundcheck – Sunny Windows – love this jig!


‘Salvation’ in Minneapolis with caller, David Kirchner

‘el Cumanchero’ in Minneapolis w/caller David Kirchner

Childgrove and Scollay’s Reel

Swingin’ It! Pennies from Heaven – live – Rob, Laura and Jubal Creech

Rob writes the waltz, ‘OPPTICAL ILLUSION’ for friend, Risha Opp.

Rob in a ‘Perpetual’ Jam with Ed Howe & John Cote