Toss the Possum

Meet the Band

TOSS THE POSSUM has been playing contra dances as a family band since 2004. The original members were Laura (Mama Possum), Jane age 16 on flute and whistle, Chas age 14 on bass, Rob age 12 on fiddle. It made for some great road trips! Jane and Chas have gone on to pursue careers and families.

The current band is Laura on keyboard and Rob on fiddle/percussion/vocals. This duo regularly hears from surprised listeners that they thought there were more than two on stage. They play with high energy and a big sound, but also create lyrical magic on smooth sets. Their goal is to give the dancers the best experience possible. You might hear some fun rock-n-roll inserts. You will enjoy a lot of creativity, some humor and great passion with this band.

Toss the Possum is also known for their waltzes. They have written over 100 waltzes in all styles and frequently play for waltz events. Finally, Rob loves to dance and teaches dance workshops for waltz, swing, blues and contra styles. Rob and Laura enjoy teaching band workshops, and Laura teaches contra piano workshops and offers private sessions online.

TOSS THE POSSUM and FRIENDS: When organizers want a three or four-piece band, Toss pulls in musician friends. It has become a thing for people to wonder, “Who will be playing with Toss the Possum this time?” Some of their adopted possums include Noah VanNorstrand, Jamie Oshima, Audrey Knuth, Bonnie Insull, Ed Howe and Alfred Lund. What could be more fun?!