Toss the Possum


The most unexpected things can happen in a garage. This particular garage was attached to our new home, which came about from uprooting three teens to move cross-country from Utah to Virginia. Adding to the adventure, we stepped off the plane not knowing where we would sleep that night, and just three days before school started! After two months of being squished into a tiny, student apartment with only what we had brought in our suitcases, it was with relief that we began the ” sorting through ” and moving into our new home . . . . . which brings me to the old, large, bright blue, unwanted desk in the garage, marked for Goodwill and sitting dismantled, the desk drawers standing on end beside it. We were unpacking and we heard the kind of yell that brings you running to the scene. It was Chas, “Come to the garage, quick ” One of the desk drawers had tipped upside down and was mysteriously moving around the garage floor. We were mesmerized! After the initial fascination came the guessing game. What was under there? The most undesirable answer? ” Skunk! ” None of us were willing to take the chance of being sprayed, so we opted for a long broom handle. Carefully, we lifted the drawer. It was an extremely unhappy possum. We had never seen a possum before! He let us know exactly how he felt with hisses and an intimidating, beady-eyed glare, after which he immediately exited stage left. Hence the inspiration for our family band name, “Toss the Possum. “